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An altar designed to focus the works upon it.

A Body of Work

A body of work is one condition and the spells it takes to address that condition. A condition is Love work or court case work and so on. I work with you for three months at a time to resolve the condition. If more spells are required during the three months, It does not cost anything extra because it it is under the same condition.

Announce coming events

Coming on May 11th and 12th, I will be on a panel for spells on how to catch luck at the Hoodoo Heritage festival. I will also be giving massages at my massage station. You can sign up at at the page. Hope to see you there.

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Where else to find me

Hoodoo Psychics 1.888.hoodoo ex 1390



Q; How do I book a reading?

A; click the book a reading button and follow the prompts.

Q: how long until I see results?

A: Results vary per spell and condition but usually 3days, 3weeks, 3months, 3 years. any longer than that and I'm sure it's just not going to work.

Q: can I get my money back if it does not work.

A: No, there are no guarantees in magic. Think very carefully about this. You cannot pay me and then change your mind.